British and Thai Citizen Getting Marriage in Thailand

Getting Marriage in Thailand

List of Document for getting marriage and registation in Thailand

  • Affirmation of Marital Status Application Form
  • Passport and copy of your passport also page with visa.
  • Original decree absolute or PDF and covering letter or email from the court, if applicable. For all divorces registered outside the UK, you will need to provide evidence that you or your former spouse were residents of the country where the divorce took place.
  • UK Driving License or Proof of your residence (Tax payment, Bank Statement)
  • The following people for reference purposes (Needs: Name, Address and Telephone of your friend or family or Employer in UK)

The Process: Need 7-14 in Businees days Remark: Don’t forget to check Thai public holidays.

  • Apply Affirmation of marital status and certified true copy your passport to UK Embassy in Bangkok for Certified
  • Translation with Certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Summit document with Thai District Registration office
  • Marriage & Registration at Thai District (Get Certificate of Marriage in Thai and English (Kho Ro.2, Kho Ro.3 Form)